Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Let It Shine" at momstown Victoria Scholastic sponsored Tales for Tots

momstown Victoria moms and kids enjoyed the book "Let It Shine," by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, at this month's Scholastic sponsored Tales for Tots at Chapters Victoria! Bring on the summer with this joyfully illustrated soft-cover book, which follows the adventures of a group of children and their parents as they enjoy their summer vacation! 

Our momstown curriculum theme this month is the desert, so we chose a cactus-making craft that is easy and fun for all ages! Simply take green clay or fun dough and shape it into a cactus. Next, break uncooked spaghetti pasta into short pieces, and stick them into your cactus to make it spiny. And voilĂ , instant cactus! We also used sandpaper as the base of our craft, and the kids loved to feel its rough texture!


Next month's Scholastic sponsored Tales for Tots is on Wednesday, August 21st, from 10-11 am at Chapters Victoria! Buy a coffee upstairs at Starbucks and then enjoy a free story time, craft and book prize draw while you connect with other great moms in the children's area. Congratulations to this month's lucky winners!

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