Wednesday, February 27, 2013

momstown Victoria Discovery Field Trip: Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary

Our momstown Victoria Discovery Field Trip this month was to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary! Our moms, babies and kids were given a hands-on and humourous introduction to each of the creatures that live at the Nature House, beginning with Wrinkles, the resident turtle. We learned interesting facts about turtles, such as that they come out of the lake to lay their eggs on the first hot day in June, and that Franklin is a "fake" because turtles can't remove their shells!

Next, we met Licorice, a beautiful black garter snake. Each child got to hold or touch Licorice (if they wanted to, that is!) The children learned that snakes are dry and not slimy, and that Licorice smells with her tongue and hears with her chin.

Lastly, we met a nice, bumpy, lady toad. We looked at her ear drums and let her sit on our hands, and Scott told us that because she doesn't have an upper bone in her mouth, she uses her eyeballs to swallow her food. Unfortunately, Ms. Toad wasn't hungry for the worm we offered her, so we'll have to take his word for it!

Afterwards we walked down to the lake and fed the ducks with flattened oats bought from the Nature House. We explored the boardwalks and floating bridge, looked for wildlife, and we certainly did find some! We saw a group of lean cormorants hanging out on one of the floating piers.

We had a fun time and some great memories to take with us! Thank you to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary for showing our toddlers and preschoolers the animals that live at the Nature House. Swan Lake offers a wonderful program called Biology Buddies for ages 4 to 6 years, where kids can learn about topics like Fabulous Fossils, Sounds of Spring, Wildflowers and Bodacious Bugs in a series of 2-hour drop-off sessions. Please check it out, and tell Scott you heard about it from momstown Victoria! ;)

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