Monday, February 18, 2013

Soozsports and Yoga Therapy with Dr. Suzanne Flannigan, PhD

Dr. Suzanne Flannigan, PhD, triathlete and
owner of Soozsports and Yoga Therapy
SoozSports and Yoga Therapy offers a variety of customized and highly individualized coaching programs geared toward two groups of people: those who want to become more active, vibrant and healthy; and, those who want to improve their competitive performance in general fitness, swimming, biking, running and/or triathlon.  

SoozSports and Yoga Therapy also offers individual and small group (10 or less) yoga classes in a beautiful and serene yoga studio. Yoga sessions help individuals calm the mind and rejuvenate the spirit while releasing stress and strengthening the systems of the body. Yoga sessions improve flexibility, strengthen the core and remove physical, mental and emotional toxins from the body. 

In addition, SoozSports and Yoga Therapy offers specialized mini and small group yoga sessions. These programs are specifically tailored toward the needs of each specialized group. Our yoga programs will increase flexibility, decrease tightness, build strength and energize the entire body.

"I have a PhD in Higher Education, am a 200-hour certified and registered yoga instructor, and I am a Canadian National Coaching Association Level 2 Coach in triathlon (and will be doing my level 3 assessment in less than 2 weeks.) I have been an athlete all my life, competitive in swimming, gymnastics, track and field, cross country, and triathlon. I have done yoga most of my life as part of my athletics. And, I have celiac (a gluten allergy) so am well-versed in nutrition."

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Suzanne is offering a $5 drop-in yoga session for momstown Victoria members on Wednesday nights for 12 weeks only, from February 20th to May 8th. Space is limited and signups will close on the Monday night prior to the event. You must a be a member to attend! Not a member yet? Try us FREE for 4 weeks and you'll have access to this yoga class and many more great events to connect with other moms around town!

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