Thursday, June 6, 2013

momstown Little Scientists with Glenn Kachmar: Locomotion

momstown Victoria moms and kids had another incredible time inspiring curiosity in our kids and toddlers at Little Scientists with Glenn Kachmar! This time our topic was "locomotion," which was all about moving things from one place to another.

We started with this neat contraption! The kids took turns putting a ball at the top and watching it roll down the twisty rails, reminiscent of the old 1-2-3 rolling ball on Sesame Street. 

Then, Glenn brought out something that actually levitates. The moms and kids passed their fingers under the floating globe, and Glenn asked us to guess how it works. The kids guessed "magic" (so much for our science efforts!) But the moms guessed magnetism, and indeed both the shape of the globe and electric magnetism are what causes the globe to levitate. 

Next, we played with tops set in motion by winding a string around the axis and then pulling it quickly. Ever wonder why a spinning top doesn't fall over? It's because of inertia and something called the "gyroscopic effect."

This is a Baby...

...and this is the "Baby Chaser!" The kids had fun playing with this remote controlled device on wheels.

Kids and toddlers also played with wind-up toys that scooted on tables or swam in water...

...and pop-up rubber toys that, when pushed inside out and placed on the table, pop high into the air as they resume their shape. 

The kids also took turns being spun around on a rotating disk. They learned that they could affect how fast they could spin by pulling their arms in or spreading them out. This has to do again with inertia and rotational dynamics -pulling your arms into the rotational axis makes you spin faster- but the kids simply knew it as a fun ride.

Finally, to the great delight of our Victoria moms and kids, Glenn showed us a unique way of moving air - by taking aim and firing it! He used an air cannon to blast puffs of air at us across the room. Can you guess what shape the air takes as it leaves the air cannon? Using a smoke machine to fill the air cannon, we could see that they were...

....smoke rings! 

Thank you Glenn Kachmar for providing these amazing and interactive science programs with our moms, babies, toddlers and kids, and also for raising donations at every program for Saanich Neighbourhood Place. Your students and school are going to be very lucky to have you back! Please check out Glenn's website,, for information on his shows, workshops, and more great science experiments with young kids!

Our next Little Scientists program will be a Whiz Bang Science show and farewell to Glenn on Thursday, June 27th, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Everyone welcome! Please bring a $2 donation for Saanich Neighbourhood Place.

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