Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mommy & Me Game Day sponsored by Mattel Game On!

momstown Victoria moms and kids enjoyed a great afternoon of family board games at our Mommy & Me Game Day sponsored by Mattel Game On! Our chapter received a Games Pack of five new preschool-age games to try, plus a bonus Uno card game for each of the moms to take home!

Angry Birds Knock on Wood was an immediate "hit" with our toddlers! They could recognize the characters and had fun setting up the "wood" blocks, pigs and eggs, and then using the catapult to launch the rubber bird toys. This is a great game for toddlers to practice their building skills and learning to take turns.
We also enjoyed trying Chipmunk Chompers. The large-headed chomping chipmunks became a favourite toy, and moms liked that there were three ways to play for different levels of literacy. It's a great game for both toddlers who are learning to identify letters and preschoolers who are already learning to spell.
Uno Moo was the overall favourite, since it was easy to play and kept the attention of our 3 to 5 year olds to the very end of the game. The barn also made a great carrying case for all the game pieces, eliminating the need for a separate box. It's also a great game for teaching colours, farm animals, and introducing game concepts like "wild card" and "lose a turn."

Our moms and toddlers also loved the high quality and brightly coloured pieces of Parrot Pile-Up and Go Piggy Go! These would make great family board games for our preschoolers as they acquire a bit more skill and patience. Each mom also got to choose their favourite board game to keep. Thank you to our gracious host, Emily, and thank you to all the moms and toddlers for sharing a fun afternoon with us! 

These games would make great gifts for any preschooler on your Christmas list. Follow Mattel Game On on facebook and check out the Mattel website for more great family board game ideas, and enter to win a Mattel Games Prize Pack at momstown.ca!

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