Tuesday, October 22, 2013

momstown Victoria hosts Alphabet Play sponsored by Post Alpha-Bits Cereal

momstown Victoria moms and preschoolers enjoyed a fun craft, tasty snack and parachute play at our Alphabet Play event sponsored by Post Alpha-Bits Cereal!  Our preschoolers and tots coloured their alphabet placemats with bright, scented markers, then matched the letters in their Alpha-Bits snack to the letters on the colouring sheet. It was a fun and tasty alphabet scavenger hunt that the moms enjoyed, too! Then we played parachute and sang the alphabet song, and at the end, each mom brought home their own box of Alpha-Bits. It was a great event!

Post Alpha-Bits Cereal has the great taste and alphabet delight that kids and moms L-O-V-E! But Alpha-Bits cereal is more than fun and games. Post Alpha-Bits cereal provides a source of 9 essential nutrients plus is an excellent source of Iron and Thiamin, so you can feel good about including Alpha-Bits in a healthy snack! Also check out the Post cereal website for great recipe ideas for Alpha-Bits cereal. 

momstown Alphabet Play will now feature a tasty Post Alpha-Bits Cereal snack in momstown chapters across Canada! Alphabet Play is a monthly program which focuses on early literacy and letter sounds. Join your local momstown chapter to enjoy Alphabet Play and many other high quality programs for your whole family!

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