Tuesday, October 30, 2012

momstown Victoria Fisher-Price Toy Review: Stand-Up Ballcano!

One of the really fun perks to being a momstown mama is that once in a while we get to test and review one of the amazing new Fisher-Price toys, which we also get to keep! Last time it was the Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave, which was more suitable for my 5 and 2-year old. (My 10-month enjoyed it too, but mostly she just hid Batman in the pots and pans drawer.) So it is great that the toy I get to review this month is the Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano, which is much more suited to her toddler age. At 15 months, Eloise is not as easily distracted by TV, toys or colouring books. Would it keep her busy for at least 15 minutes, which would be long enough to check my facebook page or unload the dishwasher? We would see!

All three of my kids were instantly drawn to the large, brightly-coloured toy. They immediately started dropping balls onto the top "drum," rolling the cylinder and watching the balls tumble down the different legs. The toy is designed for ages 6 to 36 months, so naturally my 6-year lost interest after a few minutes. My 3-year old stayed longer, but then wandered off to find his brother. My 1-year old, however, continued to pick up and drop balls onto the top drum. She loved causing the flashing lights and musical sounds, repeating the action and getting slightly different results. She kept waving her arms in excitement when she caused the lights and music. I think she was saying, "Eureka! I've figured out the algorithm!" That's my girl.

"Eureka! I've figured out the algorithm!"
I was impressed by how the lights and sounds encouraged her to repeat her actions over and over. The toy could definitely be said to help develop a child's physical development and curiosity, and saying things like, "Where's the purple ball? How many balls can we fit on top?" is a great way to engage and teach toddlers while playing with this toy. I also like that more than one kid can play around it without conflict. I would say this is one of the best designed toddler toys I've seen in action. 

Thank you Fisher-Price for a great toy for my little one! You can still enter to win your own Fisher-Price Stand-Up Ballcano too - contest ends tomorrow! 

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