Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breakfast, Bears & Baby at the momstown Victoria Nutella Buddies Brunch!

Thank you, Nutella, for sponsoring a fun Buddies Brunch for our momstown Victoria moms, dads and kids! We had an awesome time doing a teddy bear craft, snack and circle time with our kids and their special buddies (teddy bears, dolls and stuffies.) All of our momstown Victoria attendees also received a special Nutella giveaway and a chance to win a great Nutella prize!

Each attendee received a full-sized jar of Nutella, a heart-shaped sandwich cutter, and an 'I  Breakfast' button! The door prize was a Nutella backpack filled with even more goodies, including TWO additional jars! Sweet indeed!

We were so happy to have one of our momstown Victoria Event Coordinators join us with her 8-day old baby! Congratulations, Kate! (Looking forward to Kate's momstown Book Club event on Friday, October 26th, 6-7 p.m. at Tall Tales Books/Story Studio! We'll be sharing potluck appies and choosing our first book. Sign up to join us!)

All the kids did a great job of colouring and cutting out the pre-printed templates for this easy teddy bear paper bag puppet. Great craft for all ages!

Our momstown Victoria kids enjoyed a delicious potluck snack together. We had orange juice, fruit, and all the ingredients to make teddy bear faces using a rice cake, banana chips, chocolate chips, wafers, raisins - and Nutella!

In circle time, the kids took turns finding the teddy bear on each page of  "Because You Are My Baby," by Sherry North and Marcellus Hall. We then sang songs with our buddies, such as "Smooth Road" with the teddy bears on our laps, "Sleeping Teddy Bears" (the kids decided that teddy bears would 'whisper roar' because they wake up at night when the kids are sleeping,) and "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around" to say "bye-bye." We all had a really fun time together!

Congrats to the dad and daughter winners of our door prize! The dad told us that he grew up eating Nutella every day, so it was very appropriate that he took home THREE whole jars (two in the knapsack, plus the free gift!!!) Another mom was happy because she loves to bake with Nutella. You can find more great giveaways and recipe ideas on the Nutella facebook fan page.

Thanks to everyone for coming, and thanks again to Nutella for sponsoring this great event and for drawing attention to the importance of breakfast in Canada’s Breakfast Report.

breakfast for learning, nutella breakfast table

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