Tuesday, October 9, 2012

momstown Victoria Music & Movement with Laura Shepherd

Our momstown Victoria kids had so much fun this morning at our momstown Victoria Music & Movement program with Laura Shepherd! The children danced, hopped and twirled with Laura as she led them through a series of cheerful and imaginative dance rehearsals. Even our most distracted toddlers soon became interested and joined in the group's synchronized movements! We also enjoyed playing with an assortment of dance props and instruments, followed by games to explore movement and music around the large room.

Wave and stretch to warm up

Hop like a frog!

Come together to say 'Hello!'

Our Music & Movement program is FREE with your momstown Victoria membership! Please join us again on Tuesday, October 23rd, at Dance Victoria. If you're not a member yet, then check us out on a FREE 4-week trial! We know you'll be hooked! ;)

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