Wednesday, November 28, 2012

momstown Victoria Christmas Tradition: How to Make Holiday Graham Cracker Houses

This is one of my favourite Christmas crafts to do at a crafty playdate with toddlers. It's easy to prepare, inexpensive, and the moms enjoy decorating the houses as much as the little ones. Next month we'll be making these adorable holiday graham cracker houses with our momstown Victoria moms and kids, and hopefully it will become our Christmas tradition together!

Holiday Graham Cracker Houses

You'll need:
7 graham crackers per house
1 cup of quick icing
ziploc bag
Assortment of candies for decorating
Ribbon (optional)

  1. Make the icing by mixing 1 cup of icing sugar, 1 tbsp milk and 1/4 tsp of vanilla until smooth.
  2. Fill the plastic ziploc bag with the icing. Use the scissors to cut 1/4" off the one of the corners. This small hole will be used to pipe the icing.
  3. Pipe the icing along the edges of the graham crackers to glue the pieces together. Start by making the box (4 walls attached to a floor) and allow the icing to harden. Then pipe glue along the tops of two walls (opposite each other) and balance the roof (two graham crackers making an inverted V) on top, sealing the top seam. Allow to harden (1 hour to overnight.) (TIP: It helps to pipe the icing on both edges being glued together, and also to reinforce the seams.)
  4. Now the fun part! Use the icing to decorate the houses and to stick on the candies.
  5. Once your masterpiece is dry, you can put a ribbon through the roof and use it as a tree ornament!
I can't wait to do this craft with our momstown Victoria moms and kids next month! Not a member yet? Join us now for a FREE 4-week trial and enjoy all the great events coming up in December! 


  1. I've been looking for this recipe - thanks so much for finding it for me. Looks awesome!

  2. Hi Tracy! My tips for hosting would be to pre-assemble the houses ahead of time, and if possible, make a house for mom to decorate too! For our playdate, we are asking the moms to help with the assortment of candies. Enjoy!