Friday, November 30, 2012

momstown Victoria Little Scientists: Bubble Experiments with Kids

momstown Victoria moms and kids had another whiz-bang of a time at our  Little Scientists: Something Incredible with Glenn Kachmar! This time Glenn did a fantastic bubble show. First we played with different tools to make our own bubbles: wands, trumpets, and even a vacuum hose attachment. The kids used extra long straws and together made a mountain of foam bubbles in a large bucket. We also played with hundreds of little bubbles that floated and "dried" in the air and stayed for a long time, even when you touched them. 

Ever wonder why bubbles are round? According to, bubbles are "minimal surface structures." They always hold their contents with the least possible surface area, which is always a sphere.  Of course, there is one amazing exception! When a bubble is surrounded by other bubbles... can take the shape of a cube! Well done, Mr. K. Then it was time for something truly incredible...each of our kids was put INSIDE A GIANT BUBBLE! What a unique and memorable experience for both the moms and kids!

The kids continued to be astounded by the bubble antics! Fog-filled bubbles popped like magic in their hands and bounced lightly atop a bubble trampoline. Thank you again, Glenn, for another fantastic afternoon of science discovery - and for sharing your bubble recipes with us! I'm not sure how you'll top this one! ;)
Giant Bubble Recipes: 

Shampoo Mix
1/2 Johnson's Baby Shampoo
1/2 water

Dish Soap Mix
350 ml. Dawn dish soap
15 ml. glycerine
10 litres water

And that's it!

Our momstown Little Scientists program is open to non-members! Join us for another full hour of science excitement on Thursday, December 6th, 3:30-4:30 pm at Saanich Neighbourhood Place (3100 Tillicum Road, inside Pearkes Recreation Centre.) Suggested donation is $2 with 100% proceeds going to Saanich Neighbourhood Place.

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