Saturday, December 15, 2012

Imagination & Play at momstown Victoria Music & Movement

Once again, Laura Shepherd brought her passion and energy for dance instruction to our momstown Victoria Music & Movement class! Our program started with a warm up and stretch, followed by a series of creative rehearsals that we practiced and then performed together with music! We pretended to be seeds growing into flowers, then wind tossing brightly coloured leaves, creatures diving under the sea, and much more. We also practiced music tempo and volume with an assortment of rattles and tambourines. 

It has been amazing to see our momstown Victoria kids so fully enjoy our Music & Movement class together! Thank you, Laura, for providing such a high quality program for our momstown mamas and kids to get to know one another! Also thank you to Medicine Moves Dance Studio for the wonderful and inviting space where our "tribe" can meet and express themselves freely!

Our membership is only $45+HST per family per year, and yes, dads, grandparents and other family members are welcome too! Register now for your FREE 4-week trial and start joining us at any of our 20+ events to connect and support families each month!

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