Tuesday, January 22, 2013

momstown Victoria Baby Picassos: Silly Monster Handprints

Our momstown Victoria moms, babies and toddlers made silly monster handprints this month at our Baby Picassos playgroup for infants and toddlers! You can make silly monster handprints with your baby too! Handprint and footprint crafts are a wonderful way to create keepsake art with your child, and it's a great sensory activity for babies too!

Silly Monster Handprints

You'll need:
Washable paint
Construction paper
Googly eyes or magic marker

1. Paint the palm of your child's hand (or sole of the foot) using a soft paintbrush and non-toxic and washable paint. You can leave a few fingers unpainted to give the monster horns. This mama used her baby's footprint!
2. Next, stamp the hand or foot onto a blank sheet of paper.

3. Allow the prints to dry, and then add googly eyes, smiles, teeth, etc. Glue your baby's artwork to a sheet of a coloured construction paper to frame it.

Baby Picassos is located at the wonderful Medicine Moves Studio and a part of our momstown Baby Basics program designed for moms with babies and toddlers! Our Baby Basics program includes guest speakers, our "Baby Picassos" art sessions, and a "Baby Book Club" sponsored by Scholastic Canada! Not a member yet? Our membership is only $45 per year and comes with a BONUS 1-year Today's Parent Subscription when you register in 2013! Best of all, you can try us out on a FREE 4-week trial! What are you waiting for??? :) Email info.victoria@momstown.ca for more info! 

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