Saturday, January 19, 2013

momstown Victoria Reads "My Friend Henry" at Scholastic sponsored Tales for Tots

"Have you seen my best friend Henry?" This month Scholastic Canada sent us a delightful book to share with our momstown Victoria moms, babies and kids called "My Friend Henry," by Phillipe Béha. This story takes us on a little boy's search for his best friend, and in the end we learn that Henry is missing for a very good reason!

The book takes us to familiar places in the neighbourhood with a counting element built into the story. The bright artwork is a wonderful backdrop to the child's emotional journey as he searches for his best friend. In the end the young reader delights in the joyful reunion of the two best friends and the surprise of why Henry was missing. It is a great book to read aloud to children, and all of the listeners at our momstown Victoria Tales for Tots program were charmed by it!

Thank you to all the moms, babies and kids who came to our storytime drop-in at Chapters Victoria to share this book with us! For our craft, we made simple paper doll chains out of construction paper, which the children could then colour and name after their own friends.

Congratulations to our lucky winners of this month's book from Scholastic Canada! Our Scholastic sponsored Tales for Tots program at Chapters Victoria is a free monthly drop-in on the third Wednesday of every month from 10-11 am! Join us downstairs in the children's department for a free storytime, craft and book draw! 

momstown Victoria coordinates over 20 events each month to connect and support local moms, and our annual membership fee is only $45 per year! Not a member yet? Try us FREE by registering for your 4-week trial and start signing up for events today! Or contact for more info!

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