Tuesday, May 21, 2013

momstown Little Scientists Take Flight with Aaron Bannister

Victoria moms, toddlers and kids explored the topic of flight with our guest science instructor, Aaron Bannister, at our momstown Victoria Little Scientists program in March! 

The kids lined up to take turns using a water bottle rocket launcher! Aaron added some water to a 2-litre plastic bottle and attached it to the rocket launcher. Then he used an air pump to fill the bottle with air, pressurizing both the air and water inside the plastic bottle.  

After about six pumps, he hit the release button...Whoosh! The bottle flew about 20 feet with a splashing trail of water! Why did we add water to the bottle rocket? According to NASA's website, since water is about 100 times heavier than air, the expelled water produces more thrust than air alone.

All the kids took turns using the water bottle rocket launcher, as well as other fun toys that launched objects into flight!


Aaron also showed us how to "magically" float ping pong balls in the air using a hairdryer. This is called Bernoulli's Principle. As long as the hairdryer is pointing straight up, the ping pong balls will hover in the air stream without falling to the side. This is because the fast moving air creates lower air pressure pushing on the surface of the ball. The higher air pressure from the still air surrounding the air stream is what keeps the ball in place. You can read more about this principle here


Thank you to Aaron Bannister for joining us and sharing your love of science with our kids! Our Little Scientists is a monthly drop-in program by donation at Saanich Neighbourhood Place for moms with kids ages 0 to 6. 

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  1. Can you teach us these science experiments Melissa? Such great programming you are offering your momstown kiddos!