Wednesday, May 15, 2013

momstown Baby Bucket Brunch at Spoon's Diner

A warm and fuzzy thank you to Spoon's Diner for the super kid & mom-friendly service, bodacious brunch and exclusive 25% discount for our momstown Victoria mamas at the event! We loved the casual and festive atmosphere, the enclosed seating area (which made it easy to catch our toddlers,) and the ultra creative yet crowd-pleasing menu. Best of all, our Victoria moms & kids felt relaxed enough to enjoy the food and each other's company. We look forward to going again soon!

Spoon's Diner is located at 2915 Douglas St. in the Super 8 Hotel, with plenty of parking.

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Our momstown Baby Bucket Brunch is just one of over 20 events that we coordinate to connect and support local moms in Victoria. Our membership is only $45/year and includes a BONUS 1-year subscription to Today's Parent magazine! Sign up now for your FREE 4-week trial or contact for more info!

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