Monday, May 20, 2013

Wet, Wet, Wet! Making Glitter Bottles and Reading "Split! Splat!" at Scholastic Tales for Tots

In celebration of our "Wet, wet, wet!" theme this month, momstown Victoria shared the book "Split! Splat!" by Amy Gibson at Tales for Tots sponsored by Scholastic Canada! Put the umbrella away and take off your galoshes; it's time to sing, dance and squish in the mud with a little girl and her dog! Amy Gibson's fun poem is brought to life by New York Times bestselling illustrator Steve Bjorkman.

Glitter bottles are a wonderful sensory craft for kids and toddlers! All you need is a small plastic water bottle, water, glitter, and sensory objects of different weight and texture. We used glitter, sparkly pompoms, sequins and foam stickers, and you can add heavier objects like dice and beads to make a rattle sound. 

Make your own Glitter Bottle!
  1. Fill the bottle only half full of water. 
  2. Add the glitter (recommended that the adult does this part.) 
  3. Add sparkly pompoms, sequins, stickers and other items to the bottle. 
  4. Top off with water.
  5. Seal with hot glue or duct tape. 

Ta da! Simply swirl and shake it to experience the magic of a glitter bottle!

Our Tales for Tots program event is open to the public and hosted downtown at Chapters Victoria from 10-11 am on the 3rd Wednesday of every month! Bring your coffee and meet us downstairs in the children's area for a craft, storytime and a chance to WIN our Scholastic book of the month! 

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