Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Macaroni Monsters and 'My Many Colored Days' at momstown Victoria Alphabet Play

We had a MMMarvelous time this morning mastering the letter 'M' at mmmmomstown Victoria Alphabet Play! We started by gluing pasta, googly eyes, arms, feet and teeth to construction paper cutouts of the letter M. Our 'Macaroni Monsters' were masterpieces!

Then we read 'My Many Colored Days' by Dr. Seuss. Each page uses a colourful painting and story to describe an emotion. The sensational colour and rhyming narrative make this classic Dr. Seuss book a wonderful way to help children identify their different feelings.

Our early literacy program Alphabet Play is hosted by Tall Tales Books, a family owned and operated bookstore which specializes in books for children and young adults. The store is bright and stroller-friendly, with comfortable seating and a baby change table. Tall Tales also offers its customers 'First Hour Free' parking coupons valid at all City of Victoria parkades (View St. and Broughton St. parkades are just one block away.)

If you'd like to join in the fun at our next Alphabet Play, register for a FREE 4-week trial. Letter 'N' is coming up next!