Friday, June 1, 2012

momstown Victoria is officially OPEN!!!

We are finally here, bringing this massive idea and movement to the west coast, and it is SO MUCH MORE than I realized it was when I first got on board with momstown.  

At first, it had been about connecting moms, local moms, not just via social media, but by giving them opportunities to get off the computer and into these in-person events. Then it became about business. It was about giving moms information that they wanted, and helping small local businesses, like Hot Mama Fitness, or Crumsby's, or Victoria Mom, an opportunity to reach their local market, and me becoming a marketing professional. 

Then I went to the conference, and I was blown away, no exaggeration, by the amazing job these other women were doing, building communities of support, helping real women get through their real life issues, and some of them getting very little return! 

Yet BIG companies were taking notice, and inviting our momstown HQ into their boardrooms. The big question for me was - WHY? Why were these BIG, even MULTINATIONAL companies, picking momstown up on their radar? And how could I turn THEIR interest into helping those momstown owners, who at times broke down about needing more time with their families, but who were too passionate about momstown to quit-- how could I help them get PAID WHAT THEY ARE WORTH? Because they are doing something absolutely vital to the health of women, children, families, and community. 

And I kid you not, I was going through my own stuff at the conference, being the furthest and longest away from my three children than I had ever been before, and my hand pump was not cutting it, and I was losing my milk. And all that hormonal stuff caught up with me, and I broke down too. 

And Sarah from Mississauga caught me. She calmed my soul and brought me back down to earth, and I will never forget what she did for me. Because she showed me what women can do for each other. And where our strength lies. It is not on our own, because each of us is strong but not perfect. We have our strengths, our weaknesses, and the truth is we cannot do it on our own

Our strength, our incredible, beautiful strength is in helping each other. And as I learned from our conference, women are powerful, almost unstoppable, when we work together. 

And it's the collective power of us moms that is drawing attention from those BIG companies. Because moms make the majority of household purchasing decisions, from food, to insurance, to cars. 

Because moms are at the centre of families, and have the power to create real loyalty to business over generations. Because moms are natural brand ambassadors, and with social media, one mom can have a reach of literally thousands. 

So I am telling you right now, wherever you are as a mom, at the top of a company or at the depths of PPD: you are powerful. And together we have the ability to change this whole world. And it all happens by us coming together. By connecting in person, and taking the time to support one another and build real community. So that is my dream with momstown.  

Are you in?

Sign up HERE and join us!


  1. Love this Melissa! I share your dream and encourage you. momstown is a treasure and it grows more valuable with every mom we connect.

  2. Victoria moms are SO lucky you have found your way to momstown and now brought the passion and LOVE to the west coast!
    I'm so happy we have joined in this adventure at the same time - there are exciting times ahead for us all! xo

  3. Thank you, ladies! I feel so lucky to have met you. Just spreadin' the love.