Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To the Batcave! Imaginext DC Super Friends momstown Victoria Toy Review

In the interest of complete disclosure, I should tell you that my family and I are already big fans of the Fisher-Price Imaginext toy line. It started when my son was 3 and wanted the Imaginext Firehouse for Christmas. We've since collected several different sets, and it's the toy that we keep in the living room and gets the most play with our kids and when we have playdates.

Top reasons we love it already: great quality, suitable for a wide age range (if you remove small pieces for under 3) and there are just enough pieces in a set to make it interesting yet easy to tidy. After 3 years of collecting Imaginext, the kids keep playing with older ones as much as new ones, the sets all work together (we've had epic pirate vs. fireman vs. dinosaurs vs. ocean explorer battles), and there are short video episodes online and on youtube that the kids love to watch. Talk about great value!

So we were more than a little excited when we were chosen by momstown to review the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave, which we did not already have! I kept it a secret from the boys, who are 2 and just-turned-6, until right before we brought it out. Needless to say, all three kids, including my 11-month old girl, were enthralled. My husband was impressed too as soon he opened the box. The toy is designed to be removed quickly and easily, and with the removal of one or two small pieces so that the baby could play too, the set was all ready to go. 

The toy has so many cool, well thought out features, all three kids were able to enjoy different parts of it at the same time. And they kept playing together with the one set! I had the other Imaginext toys on standby, ready to join in if needed, but they were happy to play with just the Batcave. We gave the toy to them after dinner, at around 6:30 pm, and the boys stayed up until 8 pm playing with it, an hour past bedtime. Next morning, they were back at it, and they are still holding on to their Batman and Robin several days later!

Join us for our next adventure - same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! Would this be a terrific addition to your kid's toy collection? Visit our contest page for a chance to win your own!