Saturday, July 28, 2012

3 Ways to Spread the 2012 Summer Olympics Fever to Your Kids

Has your family caught the Olympic fever yet? The Olympics are not only exciting to watch as a family, but also a great way to introduce your kids to subjects like geography, sports and history. And for the little ones, here are some great ways to get creative with the Olympics theme from

1. Gotta love this easy Olympic-themed torch craft! Simply roll construction paper into a cone and table or glue red and yellow tissue paper inside, cut ragged to resemble flames! Kids will love racing around with their own Olympic torches in the air! 
2. O my, this is a brilliant craft for teaching young children. Create the Olympics logo with your child, and you can introduce colours (which ring is blue? which is red?) counting (how many rings do you see?) shapes (it's a circle!) and letters (the letter 'O'!) Plus, cutting out the rings is great practice for fine motor skills. This is a must-do!!!
3. Finally, you can make an Olympic Rainbow Trifle together! This is an easy treat that little ones would love to help make too. Layer colourful fruit, cubes of sponge cake and whipped cream in a large bowl. What could be simpler? 
For more great ideas on how to share the Olympic spirit with your kids, check out 25 Ways to Make the Olympics a Teachable Experience. GO CANADA!!!!

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