Monday, July 9, 2012

A Little Reading Does a Lot of Good

Reading at Tales for Tots
A thousand books in five years! That is the goal of the "1000 x 5" Children's Book Recycling Project by the Peninsula Connections for Early Childhood. The Times Colonist featured the group and their work this past weekend, and what a great idea! They collect gently used children's books and distribute them to families in need throughout the region. If you have any old books and would like to support them, please check out their website for more information.

And how can we get our kids to the 1000 book mark by age five? Regular bedtime reading will probably make up most it, but there are lots of other fun times and places to read.

You could register them in the summer reading club at the Greater Victoria Public Library. The program started on June 28, and the events are running until September 1st.

On a long trip road trip, you could put away the DVD player and read aloud (if you're a passenger, of course, or else use an audiobook!) Maybe try something like Peter Pan or Treasure Island, both of which are in the public domain and can be downloaded to an e-reader for free along with many other classic children's books.
Reading at Alphabet Play

And don't forget and momstown Victoria! We have reading events such as Alphabet Play and Tales for Tots. So come by and enjoy some reading with us, do a craft and maybe win a prize. Check our events page and sign up.

A thousand books in 5 years! That doesn't seem so hard with so many great resources to help you out.

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