Monday, July 9, 2012

momstown Victoria Little Scientists' Erupting Volcanoes!

This morning, we had our first momstown Victoria Little Scientists playdate and experiment!

First, we created our volcanoes by inverting plastic cups (bottoms removed) onto the bottoms of bowls or pie plates and securing them with playdough. Then we added baking soda (3 or 4 spoonfuls) to the 'volcano' holes. In another cup, we mixed about 1/4 cup vinegar and a few drops each of food colouring and dish soap. 

On the count of 3, we all poured the vinegar into our volcanoes and watched the colourful foamy bubbles erupt! Even the adults 'oohed' and 'ahhed' and the kids tried it over and over again with different colours until we ran out of materials! 

Be sure to check our online calendar and sign up for our next Little Scientists playdate coming up in August! Next week, we will be back at Lochside Elementary playground, playing with paint for our Picassos in the Park.

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