Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jazzing it Up at momstown Music & Movement with Laura Shepherd at Medicine Moves Dance Studio

We all had walking toddlers and preschoolers today at our momstown Victoria Music and Movement program, so our talented dance instructor Laura Shepherd did a jazzy warm-up routine with us! We stretched, swayed and stood on our tiptoes, and it was adorable to watch our toddlers keep up!

We used brightly coloured scarves to pretend to be birds flying high and leaves blowing gracefully around the room. Next we chose rattles, tambourines, rainmakers and other instruments to play in a marching band and to play a few games of freeze dance!  

Laura brought out the parachute, which the kids loved to hold onto and play under while the adults made the parachute rise and fall. And lastly, the children were given ribbons to dance with. Laura made these favourite dance props herself using inexpensive materials from a craft superstore - and so can you! 

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