Tuesday, April 30, 2013

momstown Victoria Scholastic Baby Book Club: Alligator Baby by Robert Munsch

Kristen's mom and dad got lost on the way to the hospital and ended up at the zoo! They bring home a baby that is not Kristen's baby brother. After a few more baby mix-ups, Kristen decides to go to the zoo herself and find her real baby brother to bring home.

"Alligator Baby" by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko is a hilarious board book that my own toddler, preschooler and school-age kid all love. Congratulations to this month's lucky winners, Melissa & Oliver, who won our Scholastic Baby Book of the month at our Baby Basics: Sharing Circle at Medicine Moves Dance Studio.

Our Baby Basics program will be relaunching at a new time and location in June! You can enter our draw for next month's Scholastic baby board book at our momstown Baby Bucket Brunch at Spoon's Diner on May 13th. Meet up with other wonderful, brilliant moms at this groovy, kid-friendly restaurant and enjoy a special one-time offer of 25% of your bill! May is an AWESOME month to sign up for a FREE 4-week trial membership - and don't forget that for a limited time you'll receive a BONUS 1-year Today's Parent Magazine subscription when you buy a 1-year momstown membership! Contact info.victoria@momstown.ca for more details!

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