Thursday, April 11, 2013

March Scholastic Baby Book of the Month: My First Hockey Book

She shoots, she scores! Or at least, she will when the winner of last month's Scholastic baby book, "My First Hockey Book," by Ian Crysler, gets a little older! 

The bright and colourful photos and the simple action words and concepts make this book a wonderful start to any child's first collection of hockey books. It is a great board book for babies and preschoolers to take with them to watch a hockey game or practice! 

Congratulations to last month's winner! Our momstown Victoria Baby Basics program is designed for all moms with babies aged 0 to 12 months looking to connect with other moms with infants. 

We will be giving away this month's baby board book at Baby Basics: Sharing Circle & Baby Book Club on Tuesday, April 23rd! Like free stuff? Become a momstown member! For starters, you'll receive a BONUS 1-year Today's Parent subscription when you buy a 1-year momstown membership in 2013! Sign up for your FREE 4-week trial today! (If your free trial has expired and you haven't had the opportunity to experience one of our events, please let us know, and we will extend your trial for another 4 weeks!)

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