Tuesday, April 30, 2013

momstown Victoria Little Scientists: Biology Fun with Glenn Kachmar at Saanich Neighbourhood Place

Victoria moms, toddlers and kids enjoyed fun Biology activities and games at our momstown Victoria Little Scientists with Glenn Kachmar! Little Scientists is a monthly drop-in by donation with 100% of the proceeds going to Saanich Neighbourhood Place.

Glenn brought a variety of plants for the kids and moms to observe under a large magnifying glass, including flowers, seeds and plant bulbs. The children also took turns peering into a microscope at an insect wing, onion skin, and many other specimens. 

The kids also played fun games to learn about different animals. Glenn would choose an animal from one of his books, and the children would ask questions until they could guess what it was. They stumped him a few times with questions like, "What does it eat?" and "Can it swim?" The answer wasn't always self-evident!


What better way to learn about how animals move than to slither like a snake, jump like a monkey, and waddle like a penguin? The kids did a great job of pretending to be different animals, and the parents did a great job of thinking up some fun animals to be!

The weather was gorgeous and the kids kept drifting outside to the playground, so Glenn brought the biology lesson outside. Together they observed the plants and the garden beds, and then they started to look for bugs. Some of the best moments were when the kids took turns holding a common woodlouse, which is not an insect but a 14-legged crustacean. A woodlouse can roll itself into a sphere to protect itself and is also known as a pill-bug or roly-poly.

Thank you again to Glenn Kachmar for inspiring our kids' curiosity and making science so much fun, and thank you to Saanich Neighbourhood Place for partnering with us to offer this awesome event. Glenn will only be joining our Little Scientists for two more programs on May 23rd and June 27th, and then he will take a break for the summer and return to teaching full-time in September. If you are thinking of booking Glenn for a science show, birthday party or homeschooling event, now is the time! Please visit his website, www.somethingincredible.ca, for amazing videos and great experiments that you can try at home with your kids!

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  1. My daughter (in the blue shirt) keeps yelling "BUG!!!" when she sees that last picture! Little Scientists has given us some great memories, including letting a bug (well, technically not a bug but a roly-poly) crawl on her for the first time. Thank you!!!